The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu

All Courses are held in Yoga Kraft Punkt, Meisenweg 2, 3400 Burgdorf 

YinYang Yoga – Thursdays 19:00-20:15  *NO CLASS on May 31st or June 7th*

  • Experience a broad range of yoga asanas and bodily sensations in one 75 minute class.
  • Whether attempting to strengthen a frail frame, overcome the blues, find community, loosen tight muscles, or deepen your spiritual practice – this is the place for you.
  • Drawing from the wisdom of ancient Chinese philosophy and healing methods, we apply these principles into a yoga practice. The class begins with a series of poses typically considered ‘yang’ (active and warm) and finishes with a series of ‘yin’ asanas (passive and cool).
  • This class is suitable for beginner and intermediate students.

Pregnancy Yoga 

  • Pregnancy is one of the most sacred times of a woman’s life and like nothing else she will ever experience.  Practicing Yoga can deepen and expand this journey in a profound way.
  • We focus on balancing the outer body and hormones, connecting with your baby, stretching out aches and pains due to the added pressure of a baby, strengthening your body, and discovering beneficial labor techniques. These are all things you can expect to benefit from while participating in Pregnancy Yoga.

Kids Yoga! Fridays 16:00-16:40 April 27th, May 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.

  • In the world of children today, there is a great need for activity that is fun, dynamic, and non-competitive.  Kids Yoga offers a respectful and safe place where kids can move freely, discover and develop self-confidence, and PLAY.
  • These ‘classes’ incorporate music, games, partnering, story telling, dance, YOGA and much much more.
  • Classes designed for ages 3-6. Parents are welcome to stay if they participate in the class.

Private lessons

Whether you are just beginning to explore yoga or trying to refine and personalize your practice – private lessons can be a wonderful option. Receive total attention to your specific needs in the serenity of your own home.