Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.
William Wordsworth

There are moments in one’s life when the call to step forward into the unknown becomes too persistent to ignore. Making the choice to travel to Expanding Light at Ananda Village and jumping into my yoga teacher training was one such moment. I will be forever grateful that I listened to and answered that call.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States. Alternative and holistic health practices surrounded me from a very early age. Breath work, energy healing, balanced and conscious ways of eating, an active lifestyle, Far East philosophy, yoga, martial arts and the rejuvenating power of the wilderness have all been integral parts of my own quest to grow.  My early exposure and ensuing interest have given me a great respect for the awe-inspiring power of the mind and its incredible relationship to the beauty and efficiency of the body.

In 2007, I traveled to Switzerland looking for inspiration. I enrolled in a 3 month Qi Gong and Kung Fu training program in Kientalerhof, Bern. The experience showed me the profound depths and soaring heights that one can experience while fully engaging in a physically and mentally demanding martial art. Since then, I have known that this is an essential tool for overcoming my challenges from all angles.

While loving the Chinese martial arts, I had also been strongly pulled towards yoga for over a decade. In 2010, I made the leap to become a teacher at Ananda Village. I began teaching right away and have loved it ever since. The great chance to complete a Pre and Post-Natal Teacher Training also came around in 2010. Shortly after, I became pregnant and taught a prenatal class with a joyful, hilarious and sweet group of women in Luzern, Switzerland. That experience made a great impact on how I frame my classes to this day – with humour and heart. My experience and knowledge of the Chinese Martial Arts remain with me and enrich these yoga classes.

Yoga has brought me peace, stability, and insight. To practice Hatha Yoga and transform it into a profession has been a humbling and happy process. It is a great honour to guide others on their yogic path – and learn from you all every step of the way.


Kientalerhof Qi Gong Work/Study Program, Kiental, Switzerland – 2007

Ananda Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200), Nevada City, USA – 2010

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Global Yoga and Wellness Centre, Chicago, USA – 2010

Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Rome, Italy – 2015

Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Niyama Yoga, Basel, Switzerland – 2017


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