We cannot reach the goal by mere words alone. Without practice, nothing can be achieved.
Swami Satchidananda

Joy Foster – Luzern, Switzerland

My body loves my weekly yoga class with Shenoa just as much as I do! I have taken her courses pregnant, post-birth and when my body was back to normal. It is a perfect chance for me to actually force myself to focus on relaxing my mind. I usually feel so much more centered and calm afterwards. It is a great respite from a busy week.

Carolina Hügi – Luzern, Switzerland

Ich hatte Einzellektionen bei Shenoa. Ihr Yoga ist liebevoll, achtsam, und ich erfuhr jeweils eine Leichtigkeit, die Raum schuf zum loslassen und mich gleichzeitig mit etwas grösserem, wichtigerem zu verbinden. Yoga mit Shenoa kommt vom Herzen und berührte darum auch mein Herz.

Veronica Mutio – Luzern, Switzerland

I joined yoga classes a couple of weeks ago having heard it is one of the best things to do during the pregnancy. I was a bit skeptical about it at first as I’m in my 5th month and a lot hurts in my body now but once there I found Shenoa to be very inspiring and from the first class my body was amazingly relaxed and capable of poses I thought I couldn’t do, almost effortless. Shenoa is also adapting the exercises where needed to accommodate my growing belly which makes me more confident and motivated in doing them. I look forward to continue this during the rest of my pregnancy and after, and highly recommend her classes to all moms-to-be, and not only those expecting.

Leah Fehr – Vitznau, Switzerland

I’ve never taken a yoga class before Shenoa’s because I always thought it would be too difficult. She made it so easy to get started and introduced the poses, going slowly enough for someone who feels uncoordinated, yet pushing us all toward a better practice.

Susanne Clancy – Luzern, Switzerland

I have been a student of Shenoa’s for some months now and can honestly say it has made a real difference to my week. My body feels lighter, more flexible and dynamic. The space created by Shenoa on Saturday mornings is a terrific one, welcoming, calming, challenging and enlivening all at the same time. I look forward to her saturday morning classes with as much relish as I used to the lie-ins! Shenoa’s classes are tough physically with allowances for all abilities and just enough theory and spiritual element to calm and focus the mind after a strenuous week at work. I would highly recommend joining. Namastè